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Life Insurance from The Hartford

Open Enrollment January 15-31, 2017

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All actively working members are entitled to Council 82’s $10,000.00 group term life insurance through The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York. If you have not completed and returned the enrollment form, please do so now to ensure your coverage. Mail the completed form to: Council 82 - 63 Colvin Avenue - Albany, NY 12206. If you have any questions with this insurance, please call the Business Department.

In recent years, there has been an increase of our members becoming totally disabled due to various causes. Our members need to be aware that just because you are disabled and not working, you may continue your life insurance coverage through Council 82 with no cost to you.

To qualify you must meet the following stipulations:

1- Your total disability must begin before you reach age of 60

2- You have been continuously disabled for at least 9 months

3- You are unable to perform the functions of your job

4- The disability must be certified, in writing, by a Physician

An Application for Disability Waiver form must be completed in order to receive the benefit.


> Enrollment Form (PDF File)

> Insurance Certificate (PDF File)

> 2015 Security Mutual Certificate (PDF File)