Executive Committee:
President, Vice President, Secretary,Treasurer

Executive Board
4 Representatives from Municipal Police
7 Representatives from County Corrections
2 Representative from Deputy Sheriffs
1 Representative from Dispatchers
3 Representatives from State Supervisors
1 Representative from Private Security and Law Enforcement
1 Representative from Council 82 Retirees Chapter
These positions are filled by Delegate voting every 2 years at the Union Convention.

Council 82 allows all affiliates autonomy. Each Local within Council 82 elects their own leadership. Each Local adopts their own constitution. Each Local has their own treasury to use for their Local’s benefit as they see fit. Our staff is available to assist your Local with its’ structure needs and more.

Council 82 is in NO way, shape or form a Dictatorship. Our elected officials are available and readily accessible to our affiliate Locals and our members!

Along with the support staff, the elected officials are active in nearly all facets of the Unions activities. Council 82 is a FULL SERVICE UNION.