Legislative Update

New York Legislature passes union protections in State Budget bill.

The New York State budget was passed in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 31st, less than 24 hours before the budget deadline.

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The communications department works hand-in-hand with the legislative department to make sure that the Council 82 and all local union’s messages are heard.   The communications department drafts press releases and contacts people in the media who might print or broadcast developing stories, organizes press conferences, and works on developing a working relationship with surrounding communities.  The communications department also is responsible for maintaining Council 82’s website, organizing community events and the distribution of Council 82’s newsletter – Alliance 82.

All local unions are encouraged to utilize the communications department for assistance in developing and delivering a message to their local communities.  Whether it be through press releases, commercials, radio ads, or even supporting a local organization, Council 82’s communications department is ready to help you get the message out the we are Protecting New York.

If you need to speak to the communications department, please contact Council 82's Communication Department at