The Staff That Makes it Work !!!!
Staff members can be reached by dialing (518) 489-8424 or 1-(800)-724-0482 and dialing their extension number, or by clicking on their name to send email.

Michael Surprenant
Staff Director - (ext 219)

Greg Carey
Staff Representative

Thomas Ingles
Staff Representative

Ennio Corsi
General Counsel - (ext 247)

Christine Caputo-Granich
Associate Counsel - (ext 238)

Andre Dalbec
Associate Counsel - (ext 231)

Cytaya Acevedo
Legal Secretary - (ext 228)

Dorota Rozycki
Business Administrator - (ext 233)

Maria Johnson
Membership - (ext 235)

Council 82 provides guidance and expertise in the following areas:

· In House Legal Department Available 24 / 7

· Contract Negotiations

· Arbitrations

· $10,000 Life Insurance Policy

· Employee Q & A's

· Joint Labor / Management Meetings

· Local Union Autonomy

· Media / Political Campaigns

· Research

· Training

· Assistance in Local Election Process

· Legislative Issues

· Health & Safety Issues

· Legal Issues

· State and Local Budget Analysis

· 207-c & Disability Related Issues

· Retirement

· College Scholarship Program

· Insurance Programs

Legal Department: Our legal department consists of three (3) in-house attorneys and a legal secretary. The attorneys are all employees of Council82 and work only for Council 82. They are available 24 hours a day. Our legal department advises and assists you in the processing of grievances and represents you at arbitration. All costs involved with processing grievances and arbitrations are covered by Council 82.

Legislative and Political Action Department:
This department coordinates efforts with AFSCME, to address the legislative needs of our members. This department assists our locals in legislative bill creation and lobbying both legislative state bodies.

Health and Safety:
Our staff is available to visit your work sites to insure that all state and federal rules & regulations are enforced. We are available to assist in Joint Labor / Management meetings when dealing with these issues. We provide training to our local members and committees.