Join Council 82

Council 82 Wants You!

Come be part of our family. Council 82, fighting for members rights and benefits for over 30 years.

Why should you join Council 82?

POLITICAL ACTION: There is strength in numbers. Your local issues can be addressed politically by using political action throughout the State.

LEGAL REPRESENTATION: Council 82 has in-house attorneys who work only on members issues.

INSURANCE BENEFITS: Numerous personal insurance plans available to all members at reduced rates.

NEGOTIATIONS: Professional negotiators available for contract negotiations.

LEGISLATION: Local legislation, State legislation and National legislation. All perused through Local participation, Council 82 Political Action Committee and the AFSCME Political Action Office.

These are just a few very important reasons to join. Call us and let us tell your group more.

There is, as they say, strength in numbers. Council 82 presently has over 4,000 members. These members consist of Law Enforcement Officers from throughout the State. Municipal, Town, County, City, Village and State members, all working together for the betterment of each other.

Why join Council 82.


Alone, you are exactly what the boss wants!

Give us a call today. We will come out and meet with your Executive Board and members to explain your future with COUNCIL 82.



Council 82 provides guidance and expertise in the following areas:

· In House Legal Department Available 24 / 7

· Contract Negotiations

· Arbitrations

· $10,000 Life Insurance Policy

· Employee Q & A's

· Joint Labor / Management Meetings

· Local Union Autonomy

· Media / Political Campaigns

· Research

· Training

· Assistance in Local Election Process

· Legislative Issues

· Health & Safety Issues

· Legal Issues

· State and Local Budget Analysis

· 207-c & Disability Related Issues

· Retirement

· College Scholarship Program

· Insurance Programs

Legal Department: Our legal department consists of three (3) in-house attorneys and one legal secretary. The attorneys are all employees of Council82 and work only for Council 82. They are available 24 hours a day. Our legal department advises and assists you in the processing of grievances and represents you at arbitration. All costs involved with processing grievances and arbitration's are covered by Council 82.

Legislative and Political Action Department: This department assists our locals in setting up and training local political action committees, legislative bill creation and lobbying both legislative and state bodies.

Health and Safety: Our staff is available to visit your work sites to insure that all state and federal rules & regulations are enforced. We are available to assist in Joint Labor / Management meetings when dealing with these issues. We provide training to our local members and committees.